About Us

ABCCareers was Established through a Group of Companies and ABC4U – Affirmative Brand Consulting 4 U.

ABCCareers cater for different Job Specialisations.  We can Recruit in different spectrums of industry and we do placements as well.

We have different options for the Employer to recruit the best fit Employee.  While we cater for the Employer, we also do Career Consulting and CV creation for our Employees that we screen for certain positions.  We love helping people and helping them getting an interview after we updated their CV’s are one of the best feelings, and we simply adore our recruits getting interviews.

Also our Employers making use of us are very happy because they have an array of CV’s as a standard service for their monthly premium and they can receive up to 10 CV’s per Position advertised, when they join us for our premium monthly packages.

We took the whole Recruitment and Job Board Business even a step further by implementing a section we call Employment Benefits, which actually are a service we offer for both our Employers and Employees.  You can read more under the section on Employment Benefits.  What it basically caters for is the employment benefits like medical insurance / -aid, provident fund, savings, hospital cashback plans, funeral plans and much more

Click on the link to your right, to read more about our Employment Benefit Program.


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